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本文摘要:Your future phone may never need to be charged.未来你的手机有可能很久不必须电池了。


Your future phone may never need to be charged.未来你的手机有可能很久不必须电池了。Thats the exciting implication of new research out of the University of Washington, where researchers have created a mobile phone prototype that doesnt require a battery to operate.这项激动人心的新研究成果出自于华盛顿大学,那里的研究人员早已研发出有一个需要电池之后可运营的手机模型。The astonishingly efficient prototype requires just 3.5 microwatts of juice, and it employs an innovative approach to avoid the need for a battery cell. Instead, it uses ambient power from radio signals and light — its onboard solar cell is roughly the size of a grain of rice — to transmit a signal back to a base station 50 feet away.该模型的用电效率胆怯的高,仅有须要3.5毫瓦的电量才可运营,还配有了一项“无电池”的创意技术。

它配有的太阳能电池与一粒米的大小差不多,电能源于周围的光或无线信号,从环境中提供能量,能够将信号传输返50英尺外的基站。The prototype itself is made of simple materials: capacitive touch buttons, a circuit board, and other off the shelf components. More impressive is that the team of scientists were able to create a custom base station to transmit the signal with such a small amount of power.模型的用料很非常简单:电容触碰按键,一个电路板以及其他一些现成的元件。更加令人吃惊的是,研发团队还顺利创建了传输该手机的微小能量信号的自定义基站。

Using this setup, the researchers were able to successfully make and receive calls (via Skype) and place callers on hold. But the scientists say they want to improve the prototype by adding an e-ink display with video-streaming capabilities and encryption to make the calls more secure.目前研究人员不仅能顺利地用于该模型相接打电话(通过Skype),还能让呼叫者等候。不过研究人员称之为,他们接下来想要更进一步拓展无电池手机的功能,比如加装具有视频传输功能的电子墨水屏幕。同时减少加密功能,保证通话更加安全性。


Vamsi Tall, who coauthored the paper, says the base station technology they developed — while its still an early prototype — could make it possible for battery-free mobile phones to become ubiquitous.该项研究论文的联合作者瓦密斯?涛回应,虽然他们研发的基站技术还只是个雏形,但仍为无电池手机的普及获取了有可能。“You could imagine in the future that all cell towers or Wi-Fi routers could come with our base station technology embedded in it,” Tall said. “And if every house has a Wi-Fi router in it, you could get battery-free cellphone coverage everywhere.”“你可以想象,在旋即的将来,所有的移动通讯基站和无线路由器都会重复使用我们的基站技术,”瓦密斯说。




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